At Pachamama, maintaining a reverence for our planet is the driving force for all the work that we do in our restaurant and community at large. We strive to stay on the cutting-edge of eco-conscious practices, ensuring that what we offer is not only sustainable in nature, but also regenerative.

Here are some of the ways we make a difference with what we offer:

Organic Produce

From farm to table, all the produce we serve in our restaurant is 100% organic. We believe that supporting regenerative farming and intentional earth management - from the produce we prepare to the animal proteins we humanely source, make a massive impact on our quality of food and our quality of life. We always aim to create authentic connections with our purveyors and are committed to only using the highest quality ingredients, at all times - as our food is a representation of our love for this Earth.

Biodegradable To-Go Ware

So much of the pollution on our planet is created from single-use plastics. To combat this epidemic, all to-go ware we use is made from renewable resources such as corn, not plastic, and is 100% compostable. This means that instead of throwing your waste in a trash can, you can place every cup, straw, container and utensil in a compost pile or bin, where it will break down much more easily (a matter of months vs. thousands of years) and help to renew and enrich the soil, our most valuable resource. We support healthy soil and compost initiatives, and invite you to explore how to create you own compost bin at home too!

Signature Seed Bombs

We love bringing more beauty to the world, and encouraging others, particularly children, to develop a deep love for Mother Earth. At Pachamama events, we always gift our young guests a special Seed Bomb - an eco-packaged seed blend, to plant in their garden at home. It’s a fun, earth-friendly way to get out in nature and grow something new, together. With guidance, nourishment and whole lot of love, we can support the next generation to heal our planet, from the ground up. 

Into the Future

What else would you like to see at Pachamama? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know what practices you think will help impact our planet, for years to come.